3 Reasons You Should Sloooooooow Down When Public Speaking

by Robert Tyson, President on March 12, 2014

Most beginning public speakers speak too fast, and should probably slow down 10-20%.

Because there are 3 huge benefits to SLOWING DOWN:

  1. You’ll relax more, and breathe more easily – and therefore deliver a better speech
  2. The audience can follow what you’re saying better – NOT easy when someone speaks too fast. And if we can’t follow it, we lose interest altogether and get bored
  3. It gives you thinking time – especially useful for topics
‘Slowing down’ is the skill to practice in our ‘topics’ (impromptu speaking) session next Tuesday evening, 18 March at Camden Town Speakers Club.

The agenda includes:

  • Briam in the Chair
  • Level 2 speeches from Helen and Ellen
  • At least ONE Level 2 evaluator needed – please contact me to step up
  • One minute topics – impromptu speaking for all
  • General evaluation from Esther
All are welcome from 7pm – 9pm at the London Irish Centre next Tuesday – really hope you can make it!

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