A Public Speaking Technique Straight From The Mandela Playbook

by Robert Tyson, President on December 10, 2013

“I stand here before you not as a prophet
but as a humble servant of you, the people.”
– Nelson Mandela

In his great book ‘Lend Me Your Ears’, Max Atkinson explains how the effectiveness of using a certain technique to make a point was well known even to classical scholars.

Little wonder then that such a skilled orator as the late Nelson Mandela should make liberal use of the same technique.

What is that technique?

It’s the use of CONTRASTS in their various forms:

  • contradictions
  • comparisons
  • opposites
  • phrase reversals

Contrasts are the optional skill to practice in our topics session at our last Speakers Club of the calendar year next Tuesday 17th December.

I do hope you’ll join us from 7pm at the London Irish Centre – if you want to play a role on the night please contact me.

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