Alexander Technique expert Nick Chapman to speak at Camden Town Speakers Club

by Robert Tyson, President on March 3, 2014

I really hope you’ll join us tomorrow evening at Camden Speakers Club.

Our packed programme includes a short talk from Alexander Technique expert Nick Chapman:

‘Simple strategies to improve public speaking with the Alexander Technique’

  • An introduction to the Alexander Technique and F. M. Alexander, the founder of the technique.
  • How the technique was developed and how this affects the use of voice in public speaking
  • How you can take some basic steps to improve your public speaking by implementing some of F. M. Alexander’s ideas.

In addition to Nick’s talk the evening will include:

  • Special topics session – this week’s skill will be the use of PROPS!
  • A Level 2 speech from Lindsay with evaluation by Claire
  • A speech from Sarah D
  • One minute topics – impromptu speaking for all
  • General evaluation from Walter

All are welcome – it starts at 7pm tomorrow at the London Irish Centre.

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