An opportunity to learn

by Jemma on February 22, 2016

I attended the South Eastern District Training Day on Saturday 20th February primarily because it was an opportunity to learn something new. However, I also met lots of members from other clubs across the district, as well as many of the National Association Committee Members, so it was an opportunity to meet like-minded people too.

The thing that struck me the most about the day was how long some people have been coming to the Association of Speakers Clubs. There was lots of passion and energy in the room to spread the word about our clubs and to ensure we are offering what people need.

The morning was split into two sessions and being someone who hates to miss out on new knowledge and learning, I wanted to attend both. However, the plenary session in which each group shared their learnings helped to get around this. Both the session on marketing and PR for clubs and the session on constructing a speech were very well received by all who attended, with everyone feeling as though they were going away with new ideas and knowledge to use back in their clubs.

There was also a session on ‘Prescriptive Speaking’, which is designed for people who are already very accomplished public speakers and have a very specific purpose they have joined the club. For example, if someone has a presentation they need to give at work on a set topic and in a set format. This could be very useful for some of our speakers in the club!

All in all the day was about sharing with people what a great organisation the ASC is and ensuring the needs of our members are being met. Needless to say I came away with a notebook bursting with ideas. Watch this space!

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