Can You Serve On Camden Town Speakers Club’s Committee?

by Robert Tyson, President on July 6, 2014

So we’ve reached the end of another season at Camden Town Speakers Club. If you’re a current member, can you help us continue our good work by serving as a club officer next season, which begins on 2 September?

Serving on the club committee is both a great responsibility and an exciting opportunity.

As you are probably aware, our club is a not-for-profit enterprise that only exists because a handful of members each year serve on the club’s committee and make it happen.

It isn’t rocket science! But it does need doing or the club ceases to exist, and all the good work it does stops…

The club ends this season in a good position, with a small budget surplus, effective marketing channels for attracting new members in place, and a move to a new, more central and less expensive venue likely from October 2014.

However, having served over at least the last season, the current committee (consisting of myself, Esther and Caspar) all intend to step down to make way for a new committee, to be appointed at the club Annual General Meeting (AGM) on the evening of Tuesday 15 July (Venue: The Grand Union, 102-104 Camden Road, NW1 9EA).

The convention in the Association of Speakers Clubs, of which Camden is part, is that, whatever happens, the immediate past President should also serve on the committee, if only in an advisory role. In any case I will continue to be an active member of the club and very much on hand next season.

It’s right and proper that the committee changes fairly regularly. Running the club is a responsibility to be shared by members. New blood brings new ideas. And it wouldn’t be healthy for the club to be dominated by any individual or group of individuals for too long.

So, I would like to encourage all current members to volunteer to play a role on the committee for the 2014-15 season, beginning on 2 September.

You can volunteer to be on next season’s committee either by emailing me by close of play on Monday 14 July, and/or coming along to our AGM/club social at 7pm on Tuesday 15 July.

At the AGM we will elect the new committee from the volunteers available. If more than one person wants a particular role, the attendees at the meeting will vote.

Why serve on our committee?

1. You can ‘give something back’ and help others build their confidence.
2. You will find you become a more confident speaker overnight, because you will have an ‘official’ role at the speaker’s club. Shouldn’t be true, but it is!
3. Enhance your CV and make useful new contacts across the Association of Speakers Clubs (ASC).
4. Broaden your horizons about where your speaking skills can take you in life.

How responsibilities are divvied up between committee members is up to the committee. But the minimum core committee roles we need to fill (with typical responsibilities) are:

  • President
Leads committee members and club as a whole. Drives marketing of the club. Acts as main link between the ASC umbrella organisation and the club. Represents the club at outside events.
  • Treasurer/Secretary
Keeps the club accounts. Collects subscription payments. Deals with suppliers. Produces an annual financial statement. As Secretary, deals with all club correspondence, and responsible for filing, club records and archives.
  • Education Secretary
Produces programme of club nights and communicates with members about their places on it. Maintains a record of assignments to encourage development of members. Ensures that full use is made of The Speakers Guide. Arranges educational talks, contests and other activities to provide a stimulating and interesting programme.

As I said before, what we do is not rocket science, but it is important.

You don’t need to be an expert speaker or even to have been a member for long. You merely need a bit of common sense, and to be able to give an hour or two to the club each week for a season.

So, to volunteer to be on next season’s committee:

  • Either email me by close of play on Monday 14 July, and/or
  • Come along to our AGM/club social at 7pm on Tuesday 15 July (Venue: The Grand Union, 102-104 Camden Road, NW1 9EA).
Best wishes,

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