Do You Do This Enough When Public Speaking?

by Robert Tyson, President on September 30, 2013

Do. You. Pause. Enough. When. Public. Speaking?

Most people don’t. But pausing is a powerful tactic that has a range of benefits:

  • Audiences have a chance to digest what you’re saying
  • You can control your breathing easier, and therefore stay calmer
  • You can create a powerful dramatic effect by pausing at strategic moments
  • When you speak unscripted, pauses give you time to think what to say next

All great reasons why PAUSES are the weekly skill for our topics session at Speakers Club tomorrow night!

Everyone gets at least a couple of chances to speak, I’ll be in the Chair and we also have a Level 8 speech from Shane and and Level 1 speech from new member Ellen, so I really hope you’ll join us from 7pm tomorrow evening.

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