Feel The Fear At Camden Town Speakers Club Next Tuesday

by Robert Tyson, President on June 11, 2014

“Feel The Fear – And Do It Anyway” is the title of a famous self-help book. I’ve not read it – but the sentiment is one you should embrace when it comes to public speaking.

Next Tuesday 17th June, you’ll have at least one and probably two chances to feel the fear… and do it anyway, by practicing your public speaking in the supportive environment of Camden Town Speakers Club.

The agenda includes:

  • Topics (impromptu speaking for all)
  • A Level 2 speech from Ash (‘Mean What You Say’) with evaluation by Lindsay
  • A Level 5 speech from Sarah D (‘Use of Voice’)
  • Topics Evaluation by Nikhil
  • As I write we still require a Chair, L5 Evaluator and General Evaluator – get in touch to volunteer
Remember: fear is not an excuse!

Please also note: Camden Town Speakers Club is part of the national Association of Speakers Clubs. This national organisation is broken down into smaller geographical areas too. At the ‘District’ level our club is part of the South East District, and you can read the SE District’s latest newsletter here.

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