How Important Are Gestures In Public Speaking?

by Robert Tyson, President on November 29, 2013

People often say things like ‘90% of communication is non-verbal’. Really?
When it comes to public speaking, that seems to me to be overstating the case.

If you turned the sound down on a speech, would you understand 90% of the content?

The answer can only be ‘no'; nevertheless your gestures are of vital importance for emphasis, to create images in the minds of audience members, and to keep audiences engaged.
Gestures are the optional skill for our topics session next Tuesday night at Camden Speakers Club, so I do hope you’ll be there to give yours a practice.
We also have roles for evaluators on the night – if you want one, please email me.
So I really hope we’ll see you on Tuesday from 7pm at the London Irish Centre.

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