How It Works

Camden Town Speakers Club gives you several ways to develop your confidence and skills through public speaking when you become a member and attend our club evenings, including our ten stage programme, ‘topics’ (impromptu speaking), evaluations, chairing, and even competitions.

Ten Stage Programme

As part of the Association Of Speakers Clubs, we use a ten-stage programme that is monitored to ensure that all members have the opportunity to develop to the point where they deliver a ‘Masterpiece’ speech with confidence.

This programme has been proven to work over many years but is totally flexible and means that new members are able to move at a pace they find most suitable.

The programme will cover the following skills as you deliver a new speech of 7 minutes each time:

  1. Making a start
  2. Mean what you say
  3. Speech construction
  4. Use of gestures
  5. Use of voice
  6. Vocabulary and word pictures
  7. The use of notes
  8. The use of humour
  9. Audience rapport
  10. The Masterpiece

Once you’ve delivered your ‘Masterpiece’ you’ll also have the option to go on and tackle even more advanced assignments.

Go all the way and complete the tenth assignment, however – the ‘Masterpiece’ that must pull together every skill you’ve developed so far – and you will have become a public speaker of considerable quality, skill and confidence!

Here’s an example of a Level 2 speech:


On any given night at Camden Speakers Club, everyone who comes along speaks at least twice via the ‘topics’ sessions which are impromptu speaking for two or one minutes – great for thinking on your feet!

Here’s an example of a topic from one of our more experienced speakers:


On every club night, there are opportunities for members with some experience to evaluate – that is, give constructive feedback on the topics session, a member’s performance of a given assignment, or the night as a whole (known as a ‘general evaluation’).

Evaluating is a key skill that not only helps you improve other members’ public speaking, but your own too.

Here’s an example of an evaluation of a Level 2 speech:


Last but by no means least, no club evening could function without a member playing the role of Chair, to direct proceedings on the night. All members are encouraged to step into this role for an evening.


Members who are keen to compete and develop their skills further have various opportunities through the year to represent the club in local area competitions. If successful, they can then go on to represent the club at the ASC‘s national competitions.

Sound interesting? Then why not join us at our next meeting for a taster session…