How often do you SMILE when public speaking?

by Robert Tyson, President on April 8, 2014

How often do you SMILE when public speaking?

Naturally, smiling is the last thing on our minds when we’re nervous or uncomfortable.

Which is a shame – because if we can manage it, it makes us feel better, builds rapport with the audience, and projects confidence.

So, smiling is the weekly skill for the topics (impromptu speaking) session at Camden Town Speakers Club next Tuesday 15th April – so come along and practice yours!

We also have:

  • Helen in the Chair
  • Sam with a Level 2 speech (evaluation by Caspar)
  • Kaarel with a Level 1 speech (evaluation by Esther)
  • Briam with the General Evaluation
  • EVERYONE gets at least one chance to practice their public speaking in a supportive environment
All are welcome at the London Irish Centre from 7pm next Tuesday 15 April – please get it in your diary!
Best wishes,

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