Last meeting of this season & chance to drive club forward

by Robert Tyson, President on June 30, 2015

Is it your time to shine?

At Camden Town Speakers Club this Thursday evening you will have the opportunity to drive the club forward.

That’s because – in addition to doing some speaking! – we’ll be electing our new committee for the next season.

This won’t take up much of the meeting – and as ever ‘newbies’ are welcome on Thursday…

But it’s essential that we do this as it gives all members a chance to put themselves forward, and the club NEEDS volunteers or it ceases to exist. If we have more than one volunteer for any position, we’ll put it to a vote at the meeting.

Why do it?

There are at least 3 very good reasons to get involved:

1. You can help other people.

2. You’ll become a better speaker because you’ll get more opportunities to speak, and more exposure to organised public speaking.

3. Career-wise, it’s strong on any CV and will broaden your base of contacts.

So how could you get involved?

In an ideal world, clubs would have a:

  • President (overall direction, figurehead for club, and link to the Association of Speakers Clubs)
  • Treasurer (money)
  • Education Secretary (content)
  • Plus there can be other roles if more people volunteer e.g. Social Secretary.
In practice, I have been running the club pretty much single handedly (with an honourable mention to Esther, our Treasurer) for the last two years, and this consists of:

1.    Arranging the format of the meetings
2.    General correspondence with members, e.g. ‘I said I was doing a speech and now can’t make it’
3.    Writing the weekly email and adding to the website (I will create ‘screencast’ videos showing how to do all this)
4.    Sending a set email to new attendees explaining how to join
5.    Answering incoming email enquiries from potential new members – probably get 1 every 2 weeks on average
6.    Liaising with the venue – minimal
7.    In addition, Esther (also stepping down) keeps an eye on who has paid their annual subs, pays the venue once a month, orders new manuals from the ASC every so often as required, and pays the ASC our annual affiliation fee called ‘capitation’.
8.    Contact with the ASC is fairly minimal – they have a regional competition once a year which we put people forward for, and that’s about it.

I’d say this takes usually 1, and sometimes 2 hours/week, not including meetings.

Finally, to clarify on a question I was asked – being President of the club is not the same as chairing the meetings.

There is no reason why the President should have to chair every or indeed any of the meetings. All members can and should chair the meeting from time to time.

So – be there on Thursday to volunteer, or just to practice your public speaking. We meet from 7pm-9pm in the Small Hall at:

St Pancras Community Centre
30 Camden Street

Your nearest tube stations:

Mornington Crescent (Northern Line) – 0.2 miles, 5 mins walk
Camden Town (Northern Line) – 0.5 miles, 9 mins walk
Kings Cross-St Pancras (Northern, Piccadilly, Victoria Lines) – 0.9 miles, 17 mins walk

See you on Thursday.


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