A Great, Great, Great Way To Make Your Point When Public Speaking

by Robert Tyson, President on November 4, 2013

In the written word, we usually go to great lengths to avoid repetition.

But when public speaking, repetition of key phrases or even words is a powerful tactic. It helps you make things clearer for your audience, and ram home your big points.

That’s why repetition is the skill I hope you’ll come and practice this week, during our ‘topics’ session at Camden Town Speaker’s Club tomorrow night from 7pm at the London Irish Centre.

Aside from two chances to speak with the topics, we have a packed programme,including:

  • Chairing from Helen
  • A Level 4 speech from Caspar (use of gestures)
  • A Level 2 speech from Sarah D (‘mean what you say’)
  • Topics evaluation from Lindsay
  • General evaluation from Sarah M
…which is why I really, really, really hope you can make it tomorrow :)

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