Ten Stage Programme – List Of Assignments

As part of the Association Of Speakers Clubs, Camden Town Speakers Club uses a ten-stage programme that is monitored to ensure that all members have the opportunity to develop to the point where they deliver a ‘Masterpiece’ speech with confidence.

The programme will cover each of the following skills as you deliver a new speech of 7 minutes each time:

  1. Making a start
  2. Mean what you say
  3. Speech construction
  4. Use of gestures
  5. Use of voice
  6. Vocabulary and word pictures
  7. The use of notes
  8. The use of humour
  9. Audience rapport
  10. The Masterpiece

Once you’ve delivered your ‘Masterpiece’ you’ll also have the option to go on and tackle even more advanced assignments.

You can find full guidance on how to approach each assignment in your ‘Speakers Manual.’