New Day And New Venue For Camden Speakers From 2014/15 Season

by Robert Tyson, President on August 15, 2014

I hope you’re having a good summer – it’s been a busy one for me, not least because we have some BIG changes planned at Camden Speakers Club next season…

I’ll say more about those soon – and in fact I would like your advice on exactly how we should do some things – but for now there are two very important changes I want to make you aware of – the days we’ll meet, and where we’ll meet:
Change #1: a move to Thursday evenings.
I believe that meeting on Thursdays should be better for attendance and atmosphere, because it’s a more ‘sociable’ night, and I hope you agree.We will still meet in the first and third weeks of each month – EXCEPT for September (read on) and December (no meeting in the third week as history tells us that meeting so close to Christmas just doesn’t work – it’s dead).

The dates to add to your diary (which you can always find on this website) are therefore:

  • Thursday 11 September 2014
  • Thursday 25 September
  • Thursday 2 October
  • Thursday 16 October
  • Thursday 6 November
  • Thursday 20 November
  • Thursday 4 December
  • Thursday 8 January 2015
  • Thursday 22 January
  • Thursday 5 February
  • Thursday 19 February
  • Thursday 5 March
  • Thursday 19 March
  • Thursday 2 April
  • Thursday 16 April
  • Thursday 7 May
  • Thursday 21 May
  • Thursday 4 June
  • Thursday 18 June
  • Thursday 2 July

Change #2: a new venue as of October

Cost and the fact it is slightly ‘out of town’ were the main reasons for a venue change away from The Irish centre – HOWEVER WE WILL STILL BE THERE FOR THE SEPTEMBER MEETINGS (THURSDAY 11TH AND 25TH SEPTEMBER). No, these are not the first and third Thursdays of the month but for various reasons too boring to go into that’s when we will be meeting.

After that, from October onwards, we will be meeting at our new venue, The ‘SHED Area’, downstairs at The St Pancras Community Centre, 30 Camden Street, London NW1 0LG.

The new venue is a few minutes walk from Mornington Crescent tube, and approx. 10 mins walk from both Kings Cross and Camden Town tube, so I hope and expect that the vast majority of members will find it more convenient.

My strong belief is that meeting on Thursdays and the location of the new venue should work in our favour and help us attract more members, more easily, and contribute to a stronger, more vibrant club. 

If either are less convenient for you personally, I hope you at least understand our reasons for making the changes and we’ll see you raring to go for the new season.


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