Speech Evaluation Opportunities next Tuesday at Camden Town Speakers Club

by Robert Tyson, President on May 27, 2014

Evaluation – the giving of constructive feedback so we can improve our speaking skills – is an essential element of what we do at Camden Town Speakers Club.

We improve when we are evaluated, but we also improve when we evaluate others - because it forces us to look actively, critically and analytically at a speech, rather than just passively soaking it up.

And, at our next meeting on Tuesday 3 June, we have three opportunities for members to sharpen up their evaluation skills, get on stage and do some speaking, and help fellow members improve their skills by evaluating:

  • Paul’s Level 1 speech (provided you’ve successfully passed L1 yourself)
  • Kaarel’s Level 3 speech (provided you’ve successfully passed L3 yourself)
  • Topics evaluation – evaluate our impromptu speaking
Please contact me to volunteer for any of these evaluation roles – we always need evaluators!

Member, lapsed member or first timer, all are welcome next Tuesday, 3 June at the London Irish Centre, 7pm-9pm, and you’ll get AT LEAST one chance to practice your public speaking in a supportive environment.

The agenda includes:

  • Lindsay in the Chair
  • Topics (impromptu speaking for all)
  • Kaarel with a Level 3 speech (assignment: ‘Speech Construction’)
  • Paul S with a Level 1 speech (assignment: ‘Making A Start’)
  • General Evaluation from Sarah D
Don’t forget to contact us if you can evaluate.
Best wishes,

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